Can Macs get infected with a virus?

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Can Macs get infected with a virus?

Can Macs get infected with a virus?

The short answer is: yes, Macs can become infected with a virus and with other forms of malware. As technology advances, Macs face more and more online threats.

Virus detected on MacBook Pro | Apple Community

Virus symptoms on a MacBook

Protect your MacBook with security software

Besides the risk they pose to your MacBook’s privacy and security, Mac viruses and other types of malware infecting your Mac can cause all manner of performance issues, from corrupted software and reduced memory, to sluggish processing and overheating.

Certain Trojans and spyware run high-impact processes without your knowledge, which could explain why your Mac is getting hot for no apparent reason. If you suspect malware has commandeered your machine, take steps to remove any viruses from your Mac and neutralize ransomware immediately.

Our advice

In any case, no matter personal or business use; ALWAYS install, paid, robust security software to keep your MacBook safe, your data secure, your privacy covered and preserve your identity by preventing identity fraud.

Why paid security solutions?

The chain is as strong as its weakest link

Applies to any solid solution, especially in security; The chain is as strong as its weakest link.

That means; Don’t install only security software on your MacBook, also use it on your iPhone and Ipad or any other mobile phone, tablet or any other (mobile) device which is connected to the same (wireless / WiFi) network.

There are different packages of security solutions to keep your devices and data safe, read more about it in IT Risks and Security Solutions.