What do the colors in your logo say?

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What do the colors in your logo say?

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What do the colors in your logo say?

Colors are an important part of your company’s recognition. Color does something to people. A well-chosen color can make your company stand out from the crowd. To make sure people remember your logo, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible. This makes you easily recognizable, easy to remember and most effective in getting the message across. Color plays an important role.


But which color should you choose for your company? Read the meaning of the various colors and the associations people generally have with them below. Red is an emotional color that evokes energy, passion and power. Red really attracts attention and is therefore used in many logos. Strangely enough, it also evokes a feeling of hunger! That’s why this color is common in logos of fast food chains.

Colors red


Orange stands for enthusiastic, young and affordable. A bright and attractive color that demands attention from the viewer. In the Netherlands orange stands for much more! Because of this the average Dutchman makes the link with soccer, the royal family and with the Netherlands in general.

Colors orange


Green is a calming, refreshing and harmonious color. This color is often associated with health and nature. Companies involved in sustainability and CSR will be inclined to use this color to tap into the natural association people have with it.

Colors green


Blue radiates calmness, success and loyalty. This color is most often used in logos. Especially business services and government use this color a lot. To come across as reliable is essential for these types of companies.

Colors blue


Purple stands for luxury, wealth and spirituality. This color is often used in education and for more luxurious products.

Colors purple


Gray stands for intelligence, practicality and solidity. Gray is often used as a base in a logo and tends to enhance the color next to it.

Colors gray

Affect of colours in your logo

So the colors you use in your logo say a lot about your product or service and affect your customers. What do the colors in your logo say? Does it match the identity you want your company to project?