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Recruit employees? How to Attract, Engage and Retain?

Recruiting employees Finding and retaining employees can be quite a challenge for many companies, especially in the current tight job market. Most entrepreneurs or business owners do not have the right knowledge and skills to attract, engage and retain staff in this capricious labor market. Recruit specialist Recruitment is not something you just throw in,…
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Cheap Website? Searching a cheap website?

Searching a cheap website? Are you looking for a cheap website?Why? Why are you searching for a cheap website? Do you have a cheap business?Exactly, no! I already had in mind, so why to search for a cheap website? € 200,- and a Red Bull If you search for a cheap website probably you can…
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How much money do you want to make?

How much money do you want to make? If you have found out what your expenses are, you also know how much money you will have to earn at least to be able to make ends meet. In other words: what amount do you want to have left over at the end of the month?…
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What is a company’s vision?

What is a vision? A vision is the company’s view of the future. To some extent, it reflects the development of the company and the direction it wants to take. Core elements of the vision The vision of a company should include at least the following elements: What does the company find important in the…
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What is a company’s strategy?

What is strategy? Strategy is a course chosen by an organization to achieve its stated objectives. It takes into account the long-term alignment between one’s own organization and the external environment. Strategy or marketing strategy is aimed at creating value and distinguishing yourself from competitors. From mission and vision to strategy Marketing strategy is, as…
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What is a company’s mission?

What is a company’s mission? A company’s mission and vision provide the breeding ground for the organization’s strategy. All business activities must be related to this. How exactly the relationship between mission, vision and strategy works is discussed in this article. What is a mission? A mission states what the organization wants to do for…
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