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What you give is what you get

What you give is what you get For example advertising; when you make an offer with discount you gain prospects who aim for discount. Did you had an example like this? Would you like to have alternatives? Simply contact us and let’s brand something new.

Cheap Website? Searching a cheap website?

Searching a cheap website? Are you looking for a cheap website?Why? Why are you searching for a cheap website? Do you have a cheap business?Exactly, no! I already had in mind, so why to search for a cheap website? € 200,- and a Red Bull If you search for a cheap website probably you can…
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How many hours are you able to work?

How many hours are you willing (and able) to work? Based on an average (full-time) working year, you will have 260 working days. On these days you sometimes have to update the administration or travel the necessary distance by car or train. These are activities that you cannot simply pass on to customers or clients.…
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What is an appropriate hourly rate for me?

Calculate your hourly rate Suppose your expenses are annual: € 25,000. You want to be able to cover those anyway.You would like to make at least € 2,000 net profit per month. Annually, this is € 24,000. Add income tax and various deductions (about 35%). So you arrive at a desired gross profit of €…
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