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Your Next Level

If you want, or maybe even need, to develop your business mostly you need to develop yourself first.


No shine without friction ..

To reach the next level of yourself, your business, next level of quality of your service or product or any other needs improvement. To improve you need to practice a lot, comparing to car racing you need to make a lot of miles. To let you gain a lot of miles we give ‘training on the job’.

”The key to Experience Your Next Level is practice, practice, practice”

Claudio Ferrara

Tell me and I may forget..

Show me and I may remember..


What is ‘training on the job’?

Training on the job is learning on the job. Training on the job (also called ‘learning on the job’), as the name suggests, takes place in a normal work situation and does not consist of absorbing pre-baked Powerpoint presentations in a musty conference room.

The learning processes are embedded in the work practice, often using equipment, documents, tools and materials that an employee deals with on a daily basis.

Our training format is quite intensive and practice-oriented. The main goal is to have people take big steps in their development within a short period of time.


Consider the examples below:

– A company or department is introducing new computer programs that communicate closely with IT systems already in use. In such a case, on-the-job learning is the most effective solution for quickly familiarising employees with the new technology.

– You can read a thick theoretical guide about giving the perfect presentation, but actual practice is usually more effective when it comes to sharpening your presentation skills.

If the skill to be learned is not so much theoretical but mainly practical in nature, you usually achieve more with training on the job, learning by doing.

Let me experience, and I will understand..